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Beeswax Foundation Mill

  • Item 17357
  • Pack size: 1 Each
  • Weight: 139.00 lb
Price: $1500.00
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This is a special order item, please call 1-800-456-7923 for more information on ordering.

Make your own beeswax foundation by melting beeswax in a rectangular double boiler (melting tank must be large enough to fit a piece of plywood that is 9" x 17"). Create a form board tool by using a piece of plywood that is 9" x 17" with a handle on one of the long sides. This tool will be used to dip into the melted beeswax to create the sheet of the foundation. At least two dips in the beeswax are required to create a thick enough sheet. Once the beeswax has cooled slightly on the sheet (must still be warm), pry the sheet off the plywood form with the hive tool. While the sheet is still warm, run through the hand mill to create the honeycomb-embossed pattern on the sheet. Cut each sheet to desirable size once they are embossed. 320mm length, 74mm diameter, cell size of 4.9mm.

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